10 Benefits of Starting A Financial Podcast

10 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Advisor Podcast:

For many years now media publicity was the pie-in-the-sky for advisors aspiring to “influencer” status. The goal was to attract attention and ultimately fill their prospect pipeline.

Often times, being a media angel required a certain amount of charisma and the ability to spout market commentary. It’s different now in that there are more opportunities. These days, while publicity is still sought after, it’s running a distant second to being an online influencer.

“These days, publicity is running a distant second to being an online influencer.”

Any financial expert willing to invest time and effort into developing and sharing their wisdom can work towards their vision of becoming an online financial influencer – and you can choose whatever niche suits you.

Since advisor podcasting happens online, it has many advantages versus having to show up at a local broadcast studio or meet at the stock-exchange for an interview. Here are 10 benefits that will either introduce the idea of starting your own advisor podcast – or will confirm that if you’ve been thinking about it, now may be the time to get started.


1- Instant, Deep Credibility That Resonates With Your Ideal Audience

How do you achieve instant credibility? Financial Advisor credentials no longer work, there are too many. A good website helps. A podcast really drives it home. And you end up talking about the challenges and mindsets your best clients exhibit so your podcast is likely to resonate with and attract more ideal clients.

2- Top-Of-Mind Awareness Without Constantly Interrupting Your Audience

Podcasts are inviting and uncommon in the financial advisor community. They are also easy and fun to produce so you are more likely to be a consistent sharer. This bodes well for top-of-mind-awareness.

3- More Referrals Than Ever Before; From Clients, Prospects, & COIs

Have you ever considered why you don’t get more referrals? Is it because you sound like every other advisor? Clients and COIs want to be proud to refer you – it makes them look good to their network. Make them proud, start your advisor podcast.

4- Significantly Increases Your Search Engine Results With Original Content

I wouldn’t bank on search engine results filling your pipeline but it’s well worth noting that the best search engine rankings come from organic content delivered in varied media. After 12-18 months of producing original content you’ll start becoming a search engine force locally. Don’t forget to define your meta-info when posting to your podcast blog.

5- Daily Expansion Of Your Digital Network – Even While You Sleep

When someone “likes” or “shares” your content online it’s huge – it immediately shows’ up on your 1st degree network’s feed/page. Remember the old Faberge Shampoo commercial? And they told two friends, and so on, and so on. Do your self a favor, search for “best times to share social updates” to see when most of your connections are paying attention and on what channels. That will boost your chances of network expansion.

6- Enhances Focus On What You Do Best & How You Create Value

When you start producing content it becomes a deep focus. You can’t help but be challenged to find new topics; challenges clients need to know more about. It not only drives your podcasts but you become acutely aware when you are surfing the Internet of having conversations with investors and peers. Some of the most inspiring podcasts may come to you from completely different industries. One of my advisor clients listens to personal productivity podcasts and gets lots of great ideas for his podcasts. It’s also a great idea to focus on lists. People love lists. You should too. It’s an easier way to develop content for you then writing concepts and paragraphs.

7- Attracts Clients Who You Enjoy Working With Most

Podcasts make it easier for your target audience to “get” you. They can experience your personality, your style, and your professionalism all in a matter of minutes. It’s a fantastic way to get to know you. Ideally, your advisor podcast will attract people who you enjoy working with because they get you and better understand your value having listened to you.

8- Positions You As The Trusted Expert (Advisor)

Most advisors don’t have their own advisor podcast. It helps you stand out and when you speak, it positions you as an expert – a trusted advisor. The more in tune you podcast is with your audience the better. The more you share and speak to your own ideas the better.  Your value will resonate with your audience.

9- Significantly Reduces Your Marketing Costs & Increases ROI

Podcasting can be inexpensive. Promoting it takes some time but that can easily be handled in house. There are free podcast blog tools. Your only potential larger cost is getting your graphics right – don’t cheap out on this – it will really separate you from a lot of peer financial podcasters.

10- It’s Fun.