Episode 1 – How Podcasting Has Accelerated Our Influence and Changed Our Lives

Welcome to Be Your Own Loud, the podcast that helps you break free from the torment of sales by becoming the subject matter authority you’re meant to be. 

In this first episode, Matt and Kirk cover a topic that’s very personal to them: how podcasting has changed their lives. They go on to share the business opportunities that podcasting has created for our company and clients, the incredible journey of re-branding to ProudMouth, and how outsourcing has made ProudMouth more efficient than ever before.

You will learn:

  • How, during the inception of our company, Matt and Kirk discovered that podcasting is the ideal medium for professionals who want to build influence with their ideal audience
  • How to turn your skeptics into raving fans who will do the advertising for you
  • Why we’ve decided to expand our services to more verticals 
  • Success stories of clients who now attribute hundreds of thousands of dollars of new revenue to podcasting
  • And more!

Press play to hear how podcasting has accelerated our company’s influence in the marketplace and turned our clients into subject matter authorities. 


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