Episode 4 – This Is How You Achieve Long-Term Success With Your Podcast –– With Todd Cochrane

What does it take to build a podcast audience of raving fans?

Is the number of listens the most indicative measure of success? 

What can new podcasters do to avoid fizzling out after producing only a handful of episodes?

In this episode, Matt and Kirk dig into these questions with Todd Cochrane, the CEO and founder of Blubrry. Blubrry is a major player in the podcast hosting world that works with over 85,000 shows. Having more than 16 years of experience in the podcasting space, Todd has tried-and-true strategies to help you see long-term success with your podcast, however you define it. 

You will learn:

  • Why Todd urges podcasters to stop building their castles on rented land
  • How Todd built authority in the podcasting space after starting out as a “nobody” 
  • How to attract sponsors to your podcast, even if you have very few listeners in a niche market
  • Why the future growth potential for podcasting is huge 
  • What stops 50% of new shows from making it past seven episodes
  • Todd’s advice (and concern is) for anyone who’s thinking about starting a second show right now
  • Why Todd’s million-dollar advice for new podcasters is “You’ve got to record episode one”
  • And more!

Tune in now to get top podcasting advice from Todd Cochrane!


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