Elizabeth Reider – Director of Marketing

Empowering Independent Financial Advisors to Connect with Ideal Clients and Grow Assets Under Management.


I thrive on helping independent financial advisors go beyond merely attracting prospects, but introducing them to their ideal clients.

With over a decade of experience in an independent financial advisor’s office, plus my time at Indigo Marketing Agency, I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of advisors achieve their marketing goals through custom and creative blueprints. I’m passionate about helping these advisors establish a legacy of trust and confidence that spans generations.

I enjoy working with independent financial advisors because of their empathy, knowledge, and passion for their work—plus, advisors are fun to hang out with! They’re more than professionals who provide investment and planning advice; they’re trusted confidants, life coaches, and guides. The truly extraordinary ones become part of their clients’ extended family—and I love being part of that business model.


Website: https://indigomarketingagency.com/

Email: elizabeth@indigomarketingagency.com

Elizabeth’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabethreider/