Jeanne Klimowski – Advisor Content Creator

Study after study shows that the financial services industry is not effectively connecting with today’s consumers. Clearly, the old ways of doing things are no longer working. Unfortunately, that means many people are not getting the help they need to manage their financial lives and prepare for the future.

I set out to help change that with my company, Wavelength Financial Content. We are a B2B company that provides content and financial copywriting to financial services providers to help them connect with today’s investors.

For the wealth management industry, we create marketing and educational content that helps differentiate you from other advisors. Whatever your unique positioning in the market (high service level, targeting a niche, GIPS compliant, etc), we’ll help you create content that engages your ideal clients.

Wavelength also provides ghostwriting services for financial blogs, articles, whitepapers, and eBooks.

Here’s where you can find me online:

My Website: https://wavelengthfinancial.com

My Blog: https://wavelengthfinancial.com/blog/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeanneklimowski/ 


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