Matt Halloran – Your Friendly Neighborhood Podcasting Expert

Tired of chasing prospects?

Sales takes up a lot of freaking time, right? And it’s probably time you’d rather spend with clients, on increasing your profitability, and investing in yourself.

It’s time to break free from the sales cycle insanity…

It’s time to attract fans who’ll say yes AND refer more ideal clients to you!


By becoming the subject matter authority you’re meant to be.

For independent experts who are tired of whispering into the void, ProudMouth is the Influence Accelerator that helps you build real influence, credibility, authority, and trust with customers and prospects.

Our wicked awesome team of podcast co-hosts, producers, writers, coaches, digital marketers, and social media gurus endows you with a consistent, sustainable, loud, clear, and always-on voice digital presence.

The kind of digital presence that builds relationships with fans who’ll chase you down.

Fans who’ll do the advertising for you. Fans who are just as sick of the traditional sales process as you are.