Episode 247 – Reduce Time and Costs During Your Advisory Firm’s Transitions –– With Jeremi Karnell

Today, Matt talks to Jeremi Karnell, president and COO of Truelytics. Truelytics is a leading business-intelligence SaaS (software as a service) platform in the wealth management sector.

Truelytics is the first end-to-end data-driven platform that helps wealth management enterprises recruit, grow, and retain businesses while reducing time and costs related to transitions.

In this episode, you will learn:

About Truelytics’ four models: TrueRecruit, TruePerformance, TrueContinuity, TrueMatch
Which transitions Truelytics is designed to help advisors navigate with less time and costs, including “the great transition”
Which costs Truelytics reduces during transitions
How this software helps advisors focus on what they should be focusing on
The most beneficial lessons Jeremi has learned from being a serial entrepreneur
And more!

Tune in to learn how Truelytics can decrease your costs and time during your firm’s transitions.


Top Advisor Marketing | Truelytics | Jeremi Karnell on LinkedIn | [email protected]

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