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If you’re new to marketing and podcasting, consider getting our Beginner membership. It’s full of resources and courses that will help you build the foundation you need with your marketing and influence.

ADVISOR PLANNING 102 – The Strategic Value of Non-Financial Lifestyle Planning with Susan Latremoille

The financial planning industry is changing. Nowadays, clients are seeking guidance around not only how they’ll pay for their retirement, but also how they will live out their golden years with purpose and meaning. Advisors are in the perfect position to provide this guidance through lifestyle planning. In this mini-course, join Susan Latremoille from Next Chapter Lifestyle Advisors, an experienced team of retirement lifestyle planning professionals, to learn the value of incorporating the non-financial elements of lifestyle planning into your advisory practice. Plus, discover steps you can start taking today to get started. 

BRANDING 101 – Branding Basics

In this course, join Kirk Lowe as he shows you a process for discovering and building your brand. He walks you through branding exercises that will help you discover the true foundation of your brand by asking you questions about your purpose, values, ideal clients, and more.

BRANDING 103 – Creating Your Ideal Client Profile

Great brands maximize the ways they serve and communicate with their ideal audience. By narrowing down who they work best with and the characteristics that make up these people, brands can better tailor their messaging and marketing. This allows them to be more impactful to those who matter most and to attract prospects who are the right fit. With this workshop, you will start building out the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your ideal client and pinpointing their shared traits. 

BRANDING 104 – 5 Steps To Creating a Powerful Value Proposition

Businesses that fail to quickly and clearly articulate their uniqueness and value have failed at the most simple and critical business requirements—defining why you. This is holding many experts (professionals and companies) back. Learn how to replicate what the experts who’ve nailed it are doing best by following our steps to creating a powerful and compelling value proposition.

BRANDING 105 – How to Create Your Email Signature

Your email signature is an important part of your brand, yet is often overlooked. This is a valuable piece of real estate that can help you communicate who you are, what you stand for, and ways to connect. It can even be used to prompt others to take a specific action, like subscribing to your podcast or booking a meeting with you. In this course, learn the key components you should include in your email signature, formatting recommendations, instructions for updating your signature, and more.

CONTENT MARKETING 102 – How to Weave Your Story Into Your Content

You may have heard the phrase, “content is king.” After all, content can be a significant driver of success for businesses and thought leaders. An integral and foundational component of high quality content is storytelling. Effective storytelling can not only take your content to the next level, but can also help you spread your brand’s mission, goals, and values to key audiences in an impactful way. In this course, join Matt Halloran as he guides you through strategies for incorporating your brand story and powerful storytelling tactics into your content for higher value content that will inspire your audience to engage with you and your business.

CONTENT MARKETING 103 – How to Write a Killer Bio

Every expert needs an informative and engaging bio. If you don’t have one or aren’t satisfied with your current biography, this course is for you! Join us as we guide you around ways to write your biography so that it best reflects you, your story, and your brand.

MARKETING 101 – How to Create a Marketing Plan

In this course, our host Matt Halloran discusses the fundamentals of marketing and how to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. Topics covered include: parts of a marketing plan, upgrading with our 7 Rocketboosters, & how to use your marketing plan.

We’ve also created a budget template you can use for your planning. Just plug in your numbers and go!

PODCASTING 101 – How to Start Your Own Podcast

Let us guide you along the path of planning, producing, and releasing your podcast so that you can share your expertise and build the audience you desire! Join your podcasting expert Matthew Halloran as he teaches you, step-by-step, everything you need to know to plan your podcast so that you’ll be confident and ready when you hit record and produce your first episode! You’ll learn:

  • How to choose a podcast topic and format
  • Ways to plan out your first year of podcast episodes
  • Naming your podcast
  • Creating a podcast description, intro, and outro
  • How to create your podcast artwork
  • And more!

PODCASTING 102 – How to Plan Your Podcast Episodes

If you don’t know where to start with your podcast episode planning, this course is for you! Join Kirk Lowe as he teaches you what to keep in mind as you plan your episodes, how your planning will change depending on the format of your podcast, and a step-by-step guide to creating your podcast outline using his favorite tool, MindMeister.

SOCIAL MEDIA 101 – How to Use Social Media

When it comes to social media, it’s no secret that they encourage user connection and interaction. But for experts, these tools not only allow connection and interaction with clients but also serve as platforms where they can share their knowledge and expertise. In this course, learn how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, along with why you should use them and how to promote and share your content on each platform.

SOCIAL MEDIA 102 – A Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up Your Social Media Profiles

Before you can grow your presence on social media, you need to make sure that your profiles and pages are set up and complete. In this course, join ProudMouth‘s Lauren Bus as she walks you through the steps you need to take to have a complete and optimized social media page for your business on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Plus, she shows you how to set up your LinkedIn personal profile to best showcase your expertise!

BEGINNER RESOURCES – Other Beginner Exercises & Worksheets

Here are some other one-sheets, worksheets, and exercises you have access to as a beginner member: 

    • 7 Ways to Maximize Your Website
    • 14 Rules of Content Marketing Success
    • A Guide to Sharing your Podcast on Social Media
    • Brand Discovery Matrix
    • Brand Impact Worksheet
    • Guide for Branding Your Expertise
    • Influence is Marketing #BeYourOwnLoud
    • Marketing Cheat Sheet
    • Marketing Plan Template
    • Organic Marketing Tactics & Best Practices
    • Use Your Podcast to Ignite Referrals
    • Website Requirement Analysis



Most professionals and entrepreneurs will benefit from the Intermediate level, as it includes all the resources from Beginner, plus the next steps for putting your skills into practice to accelerate your influence!

ADVISOR PLANNING 201 – How to Empower Women & Inspire Leads with Adri Miller-Heckman

It’s no secret that the advisory industry is one that men designed, for male advisors, to serve male clients. But we no longer live in a male-dominated world. By limiting yourself to primarily serving men, you’re missing out on a major opportunity: women. This is especially true for female advisors. In this course, join Vetted Expert and femXadvisor founder Adri Miller-Heckman as she shares her expert guidance on ways female (and male!) advisors can use their passion for empowering women to inspire women to take charge of their financial picture and to generate meaningful leads.

BRANDING 101 – Branding Basics

In this course our host Matt Halloran explains how to discover your strengths, your passions, and your purpose aligned with an audience that truly cares. He guides you through exercises, best practices, and a matrix to help you build all of your key phrases into a brand message that speaks your truth.

He also provides you with a checklist of some good questions to ask to validate your brand. Matt also explains all of the components that go into discovering your brand message, your ideal audience, and most importantly, your story.

The purpose of this course is for you to leave with a clear brand message in the form of a tagline, key phrases that support your tagline and brand, as well as key concepts that you can intertwine into your brand that provide credibility and depth to your brand message.

BUSINESS PLANNING 203 – How to Become Referable to Your Ideal Client with Bill Cates

Stop wasting time chasing meaningless leads. Learn how to grow your firm by focusing on the right clients for you, making your message relevant to those who actually matter, and turning referrals into introductions. Learn how to do this in this 8 Steps to Becoming Super Referable to Your Ideal Client workshop with vetted expert and referral coach, Bill Cates. Bill’s method is a proven process that will help you clarify your message and build a thriving referral-based business with less friction, frustration, and wasted time. 

BUSINESS PLANNING 204 – How to Put Together a Successful Client Advisory Board with Stephen Wershing

Many advisors don’t actually know what’s most important to their clients. This is holding them back from growing their business and from providing a truly exceptional client experience. In this workshop, join vetted expert and advisor branding coach Stephen Wershing as he teaches you how to put together a successful client advisory board. He discusses the essential steps you need to take when putting together a board to set yourself up for success. Plus, he reveals his top tips on how to run your meetings and get the feedback you need to grow as an advisor.

CONTENT MARKETING 201 – How to Write a White Paper

One tried and true way to share your expertise is by writing a white paper. A white paper can serve as a way to educate clients, show prospective clients your value, or lead prospects down your marketing funnel. While there is great value in a white paper, many experts hesitate to write one because it may seem overwhelming and out of their skill set. With this course, we’ll break down how you can make the process more manageable by following our step-by-step instructions for sharing your expertise through a white paper.

MARKETING 201: Boost Your Marketing Plan

In Marketing 201, our host Matt Halloran delves into specific strategies and opportunities to enhance your marketing efforts. The primary focus will be on paid social media boosting, as social media can be a powerful tool for reaching your target audience, but effective social media boosting requires careful planning and precision.

Throughout the course, he will guide you through the process of optimizing your social media boosting efforts. He’ll start by emphasizing the importance of focus. Understanding where and how to direct your marketing efforts is critical for achieving successful results.

You will learn how to identify your specific marketing goals and the outcomes you aim to achieve through social media boosting. He’ll discuss the various platforms available, helping you choose the ones that align best with your objectives and target audience.

By the end of Marketing 201, you will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to create an effective and efficient social media boosting strategy. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or new to the field, this course will equip you with the tools to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

MARKETING 202 – How to Develop an All-Star Marketing Strategy (For Financial Advisors)

Join Elizabeth Reider, Director of Marketing with Indigo Marketing Agency who will show you how to revamp your marketing strategy and learn actionable ways to hone in on your messaging and grow your business.

The first part of the course focuses on client segmentation and niche marketing, which helps advisors tailor their services to meet the unique needs of each client group. The course discusses the four types of client segmentation: demographic, behavioral, geographic, and psychographic. It also provides an exercise to help financial advisors categorize their clients into four categories: A plus, B, C, and D. Finally, the course gives examples of each category and how to tailor marketing strategies to each segment. You’ll learn:

  • How to build a brand that creates trust
  • How to build a stellar online presence
  • How to grow your business with high quality content

PODCASTING 201 – How to Produce & Publish Your Podcast

Now that you’ve planned your podcast, it’s time to hit record! In this course, join Matt Halloran as he takes you through the recording, producing, and publishing process as you prepare your first few podcast episodes. He shares his top picks for equipment and software and reveals expert tips for recording like a pro. You’ll learn:

  • Different software you can use to record and edit your podcasts
  • How to incorporate better technical equipment
  • How to record, produce, and publish your podcast
  • The difference between syndicating and publishing your podcast
  • Ways to incorporate guests in your podcasts
  • And more!

PODCASTING 202 – The Perfect Podcast Formula

So, you want to start a podcast — or you already have one. You know what you want to talk about, but don’t know how to deliver your information and stories so that your audience experience is both engaging and informative. That’s where the perfect podcast formula can help. In this workshop, join Patrice Sikora to discover a formula for your podcast that will allow you to engage listeners, provide real value, and communicate your key messages with clarity and impact.

VIDEO MARKETING 201 – Easily and Authentically Grow with Video

There’s no denying the age of video marketing is here. Are you ready to get into the video marketing game? After 16 years in the profession, Vetted Expert , Katie Braden, CFP ® has combined her passions and expertise to help experts like financial advisors leverage video to grow their businesses. Now, she’s sharing her top video marketing tips to help you learn how to easily record and edit your videos. 

WEBSITES 201 – How to Build a WOW Website

Every brand needs a website. Your website is the first place prospective clients and customers will go to seek out information about you and can heavily influence their perception of you as an expert. It is a place that should not only speak to who you are and what you do but also give substance to your claims by showing just how valuable your expertise is. In this workshop, join Kirk Lowe as he guides you through a step-by-step process for building a website that will intrigue and inspire your ideal audience so that they can look to you as an expert they can trust.

WEBSITES 203 – SEO Basics for Influencers

Chances are, before any prospective client reaches out to you for the first time, they’re looking you up online to see who you are, what you’re about, and whether you’ll be a good fit for them and their needs. You can make sure you’re putting your best foot forward through the implementation of SEO – otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization. In this course, SEO expert Ben McLaughlin will walk you through the basic elements of SEO, from keywords and internal linking to submitting your site to search engines, so that you can maximize your online visibility where it matters most.



If you’re already rolling with your podcasting and digital marketing strategies, our advanced-level membership could be right for you. This level offers insight into ways to take your podcasting and marketing to the next level with more in-depth strategies and tactics. It also gives you access to other like-minded professionals in our exclusive MasterMind groups.

Branding 301 – Branding Best Practices

In this course Matt Halloran dives deeply into different sorts of branding ideas to make it so that you can have the best brand you could have.  He explains how to develop your specific brand language and how to use that brand language succinctly, as well as how to line up your calls to action with your brand and also, with your clients and prospects expectations and why it’s really important to make sure that you’re speaking the language of the people who you want to consume your content. He walks you through how to match your personal style with your brand and your audience’s expectations and how you can truly, and unapologetically be yourself, but still live within the guidelines that you need to within your specific niche. You’ll learn to actually write your website using everyday words and use less jargon to engage your clients more fully, as well as how to update your About Us page. And lastly, how to train your audience to truly be fans and speak your branded language.

CDMA 300 – The Certified Digital Marketing Assistant

Marketing assistants are faced with many demands in the constantly evolving worlds of finance and marketing. They must adapt to advances in digital marketing practices, and meet clients’ wants and needs, all while trying to ensure that they are following the company’s brand guidelines and compliance standards. Our online course, CDMA, is designed for marketing assistants who work with financial advisors and advisory firms to be more effective in their roles and to strengthen their marketing skills, while still being present in the office to help advisors with day-to-day tasks. By the end of the course, marketing assistants will be able to practice web design, event planning, email nurture sequences, social media, and more.

PODCASTING 301 – Evolving Your Podcast

You’ve published your podcast. Now what? In this course, join Matt Halloran as he breaks down the steps to take after publishing your podcast, from podcast promotion to a guest marketing system that will help you expand your network. Plus, he breaks down our 36-month influence acceleration marketing system which will help you create a strong position within a niche, generate more referrals from COIs, and be known in your community as the person who is the expert in your chosen niche.

PODCASTING 302 – Advanced Interviewing Techniques

What sets a mediocre interview host apart from a truly great one? Find out in this course, as podcasting expert Matt Halloran guides you through advanced interviewing techniques that will take your podcast to the next level to become more entertaining, engaging, and enjoyable for all. He walks you through ways you can determine your guests’ level of comfort, how to interview based on their podcast personality, best practices you won’t want to overlook, and more!

MARKETING 301 – Advanced Marketing Tactics

Once you’ve created your marketing plan and started to consistently promote yourself to your ideal audience across various platforms, it might be time to consider elevating your efforts and creating a hybrid marketing approach with various complementary marketing tactics. In this course, join Matt Halloran as he shares some of our tried-and-true marketing tactics that will help showcase your value, expertise, authority, and credibility to those who matter most. When implemented consistently and thoroughly, these tactics can elevate your influence and make you the go-to expert you deserve to be.

MARKETING 302: Tracking & Benchmarking Your Marketing Goals

In this course, host Matt Halloran will empower you with the knowledge and skills required to effectively monitor, evaluate, and measure the success of your marketing campaigns and strategies.

Key highlights include crafting specific, trackable goals, understanding tracking tools, and exploring vital metrics like ROI, CAC, and website analytics. Matt delves into implementing tracking systems, from marketing automation to CRM software, and emphasizes benchmarking against industry standards for data-driven decision-making. You will gain the knowledge to optimize your marketing strategies through competitive analysis and KPI identification.

Also included in this course is a S.M.A.R.T Goals Worksheet intended to help you construct a structured framework for setting and achieving your goals, making the process more effective and manageable.

WEBSITES 303 – Advanced SEO Tactics for Influencers 

If you want to take your SEO to the next level to bump your website up the search ranking and to reach the audience who matters most to you, tune in to this course with SEO expert Ben McLaughlin. Ben reveals advanced SEO tactics that will take your website and podcast to the next level and provides insight and ideas on technical, on-page, and off-page SEO strategies you can implement on your website. Plus, discover how you can effectively measure your SEO efforts.

ADVANCED RESOURCES – Other Advanced Exercises & Worksheets

Here are some other one-sheets, worksheets, and exercises you have access to as an advanced member: 

  • 9 Podcast & Influencer Tactics
  • Interview Questions for Hobbyist Podcast Guests
  • Lifestyle Podcast Categories
  • Podcast Guest One-Sheet Template
  • Podcast Panel Discussion Format
  • Podcast Promotion Tactics
  • Tutorial: How to Plan Your Podcast Episode Using MindMeister
  • Tutorial: How to Set Up Your Samson Microphone



For intermediate and advanced members:


  • Wednesday from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST 
  • Friday from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST


  • You show up with questions, we direct you to answers
  • You can also just tag along and listen to what others are asking about.
  • We give priority to Advanced Members first, followed by Intermediate Members
  • Feel free to send us questions beforehand and we’ll be ready to answer



Advanced-level members have the opportunity to join ProudMouth and PodRocket Academy’s MasterMind Groups. These groups are led by Machen MacDonald, CPCC, CCSC, a certified business coach with the ProBrilliance Leadership Institute.

Who mastermind groups are for: Advanced-level members and ProudMouth clients. This is an offering designed to help you further your influence and Be Your Own Loud through podcasting and/or digital marketing.

What we discuss: Machen will guide you and your peers through sessions to explore any bottlenecks that are holding you back from achieving the success you’d like to see with your podcast and/or marketing. Together as a group, you will strategize ways to boost your influence and momentum.

This is a collaborative space where you can unpack your biggest challenges and get support from like-minded podcasters walking the same path as you.

 Where we meet: 100% virtually through Zoom

 How often we meet: Once per month, during the third week or fourth week